Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patrick Swayze Has AIDS

Well I was out doing my weekly grocery shopping the other day and as usual I always do a quick scan of the Hot Sheets before checking out. That is where the real news is anyway. But one thing has continued to bother me.

The Hot Sheets refuse to acknowledge the truth about Patrick Swayze. They will not come right out and say what needs to be said. He has AIDS.

What makes me giggle is the fact that as many famous people as we have seen that do in fact admit they have AIDS and we cannot tell when we actually see one of them. He has all the signs. He looks like AIDS.

Listen, the man now has pneumonia. That alone is one of the things that happens just before they die. Their immune system is shot. They get sick. But the powers that be want us to believe that chemo is the reason for this happening.

Here's the truth. Patrick Swayze, although not that great of an actor mind you, does not want his career to be remembered in the way so many have.....for being gay. He does not want to go out that way. That is why he has done the new cable TV show and is making what some are calling a "come back". Though it isn't really a comeback because he was never gone to begin with. He never made it as a top notch actor. He never made it past B grade acting. His most memorable role was "Dirty Dancing". Hardly Shakespearan wouldn't you say? But he doesn't want to be saddled with the gay moniker.

The man may not in fact be a full blown gay. He may have only had one gay experience in his life. Or he may be a former member of the male sex slavery ring. Usually you can tell them apart from the others because of the way they are billed to the public. Swayze was known for being "hot" in his younger days. He looked like he could have been gay. Most of the young actors coming up now are and you can tell it easily. They look and act gay.

Swayze has AIDS. It ain't got shit to do with pancreatic cancer. Sounds good in the headlines though and garners quite a bit of sympathy from the masses. But it ain't cancer people.